‚ÄčCosplay – Improve and Support

Because of the colour of my hair, the anime fandom shirts I wear and my expressions like “nani” or “arigatou” I get often asked – “are you an otaku?

Yes my friend, yes I am. (cringe) Fam, first off, as an enthusiast, being called a lowlife without any particular social relationship except your dating simulators and being a neet who does nothing but watch anime all day is not a good description. An otaku’s meaning became so diverse that in this country we consider it as just someone who watches and is a fan of anime. So I guess, yeah, okay. Idk. Whatever. That’s not the point of my blog.

Point here is being an anime ENTHUSIAST, you become part of those people who also support the cosplay community. The portrayal of the characters you so Idolize in events, photoshoots or just simple get togethers. 

Cosplaying is a hobby. I cant really describe the joy it gives because a cosplayer varies depending on how it makes them happy. For me, as a cosplayer I get to interact with other cosplayers like for example, I’m cosplaying a character from a dating sim and I see a cosplayer cosplaying another character from the same dating sim and we get to do daring poses or just interact and talk about our thoughts on the dating sim. Or! What’s more fun is when you fangirl over someother anime character while you’re wearing a different character from a different anime, it’s like a crossover! That’s for me. For others though, their happiness varies upon the likes they receive, how many people took photos of them or with them, stuff like that. I don’t judge. It’s a hobby and it takes your mind off stress, that’s it. 

What made me very happy the last time I did cosplay was because I was able to fulfill my dream of cosplaying as a group.

I became a die hard fan of Gintama in the middle of my college days thanks to my college friend Marylette Estacio (she’s a closet anime fan and she sings good too). I decided to cosplay Hijikata Toushiro or the Demon Vice President of the Shinsengumi army in girl version since he’s a guy or as we call it in the coscommunity Genderbending. 

But I didn’t start out this good. Trust me, these photos are actually much better than the previous ones I had. I am not good at cosplaying. When I started, my projection is bad, make up is terrible, costumes and wigs are low quality and damn my skintone is so fucking dark I cant even. 

Let me give you an example. 

This is my very first cosplay. Kagamine Rin is a Vocaloid and I cosplayed the Meltdown Version of her. Meltdown is one of her songs and it’s my favorite that’s why I decided that she’s gonna be my first character. 

So what can you say? Bad editing? Or just BAD EVERYTHING. RIGHT?! I KNOW?! PANGET KO HAHAHA XD 

My cosplay improved after a couple months because I discovered eyelash extensions and blush ons. Check it!

This time I cosplayed Charlotte Dunois of Infinite Stratos. It’s a robot themed anime where only girls can control the robots. Cool huh? Okay, so yeah, I can say that a lot has improved with this cosplay so I continued. My cousin wanted to try cosplaying as well, however we argued a lot before coming to a decision. I didn’t want her to cosplay a character she doesn’t even know, what if she cosplays kirino from oreimo and someone from a convention asks her about that one episode? What will she answer? For fuck’s sake she’s not even an anime fan!

So we decided to cosplay Mario and Luigi, it turned out okay I guess?

A lot of conventions followed through after that. And then there was this one time where my school hosted a cosplay competition! My friends were so hype about this and they wanted me to join. So I did. 

The very awkward swordsman! Ha!

It was a costume I borrowed from one of my bestfriends. Jan Alcaraz this is him: 

As you can see he’s wearing the same thing hahahaha!

Anyway, the contest was for the entire school so I lost to a kawaii gradeschooler. I only got 5th place out of, well I forgot how many we were, if you’re eager to know, count. Hahahaha. The photo I posted was only the college division. There was a highschool and grade school division as well. (so i’m not really bragging that I got 5th place out of probably 30+ contestants?) 

We also had school events, I was a member of the Kyoushigen Letran where members are japanese enthusiasts, we hold forums, seminars and stuff like that about not just anime but the japanese culture as well.

I cosplayed Nyaruko on one event our organization held. I forgot what it’s called – but it’s like a mini convention.

Cosplaying has it’s perks, I paused after a while when I stopped studying in Letran. I decided that when I get back to the coscomm i’ll be better with makeup.

I practiced, and practice is hard when you don’t have the tools! Luckily! I have a friend who lets me borrow her set. Check it:

The brush sets are hers but most of the pallettes were mine. Everytime I had a convention, some cosplayers would request to have their make up made by me. 

Thanks to them I got practice. The output of my make ups are okay I guess?

I did more but these are the only ones I could find. 

So I tried them on myself. Makeup, I mean. And I gues it turned out good.

Also I practiced on Facepainting, here’ el diablo from suicide squad genderbend again ūüôā

And. Yeah, as of now. I am not that active in the cos community but I am planning to go on conventions these coming months. 
And thanks to the ever supportive community of cosplay for supporting me on my Vlog/Blog/Page Admin career? Lol They made Fansigns for meeeee! How sweet!

I love you guys so much! Thanks a lot! See you real soon! 

If you’re just starting with cosplay or deciding to pursue cosplaying, let me tell you boi, it ain’t gonna be cheap, there are a lot of bashers now than before and in events you are very limited to specific mall locations only. However, it’s going to be fun, you’ll meet new friends, there will be people who will support and help you out and YES YOUR FANDOMS AND CANONS WILL COME TRUE! So I suggest you go for it!

If you have questions about the coscomm or my cosplays you can message me via fb.com/notyoursbruh or tweet me @mytweetsnotyers on twitter.


SX Blog Series – 0 The Prologue

Hey people of earth! I’ll be starting a Blog Series called SX or Social eXperiment Series wherein I’ll be blogging about the things I want to or am experimenting with, socially. Meaning, I’ll be disturbing your normal quiet lives in order for my social experiment to push through.

There are a lot of things I have already tried and would like to try out so hopefully this becomes one of the successful series in my Blog and I do wish I get to Vlog some of the concepts as well.

All of the SX Blog Series will be entitled with this tag for people to know it’s part of the series and hopefully you’re excited with this as much as I am. I already have a line up of all the social experiments i’ll be trying out and I’ll be posting it here with the tag once i’m done.
Peace out!

P.s. if you have suggestions for social experiments you want me to write/vlog about you can message me on my page or comment below. ūüôā

‚ÄčSociety’s stereotypical point-of-view on Call Center Agents – And our side of the story

Being in a BPO industry is “TOXIC” or atleast that’s what most people say how it is. Why?

People who tell these are either the one’s who’ve been there long enough to know what they’re talking about or the one’s who doesn’t have a clue at all how the BPO industry works.

Many think that having a normie day-job is something that they could be proud of. It’s considered a “normal life”, a basic thing to have if you’re a grown up. Leave early in the morning, have lunch at 12nn, go home and experience the traffic, sleep at 9pm, spend family time on weekends, etc. Okay, I guess that does sound good. Since that is what is acceptable in society.

A Call center agent works at night, mid shift, sometimes the schedule varies depending on the availability of a desk. It’s open 24 hours to serve, guess who? People. It’s customer service, technical support, employee assistance, business provider and many more. Without the “call center” who would you call to configure your latest Iphone if you’re dumb enough to not know how google works? Who would set up at delivery at your house in the middle of the night? What will you scream at when your electricity is down? Call center agents. And you call it a menial job!

Let’s see, why is it considered menial? Is it because we can dress anyway we want? Gays have the freedom to crossdress, we can wear shorts and slippers inside the operation floor, supervisors can just wear a shirt and regular jeans, sometimes the actual boss doesn’t even look like one. Or is it the way we talk? Beki language is something very much used in this industry and since it’s also used in comedy and gay bars (that society also considers menial they think are just there to entertain either their worthless lives or their limp dicks) people think we don’t sound professional enough to talk to them, business wise or even in just normal conversations. How about tattoos, on our necks, backs, arms, legs? We are not judged by the company whether we have a colored demon on our back, a barcode on our necks, a feather on our collarbone or a flower on our wrist. A tattoo is considered as a battle scar and we are proud of the people who have it. How many times have we heard of an applicant being turned down for having a tattoo again? In a BPO? NONE. Hair color? (Oooh I can relate to this one) if you go inside a call center, you can see a dude with pink hair, one with rainbows, My hair color is green! It’s like tattoos and piercings, it’s an expression of one’s self. Hey, I wanted to be like Tatsumaki from One Punch Man, I’m living up to it. Dafuq do you care? How about grammar? I can attest to this that some, NOT ALL, some! Are not really that fluent. And it gets cringy at some point. But those people are hardworkers that don’t really have a choice. They work at a call center because it’s the only industry that gave them a chance.

In a BPO, there varies a lot of people. We have students (that includes me, lol I was a student last year though I stopped due to reasons), a teacher – lol believe it or not, he’s a part time teacher in UP, business owners, a family-man, single moms and dads, separated with spouses and are living in with their new partners, kids who decided to leave their nests and try to live on their own (naglayas), graduated but doesn’t have any experience yet so they decided to take the BPO industry as a stepping stone, people who consistently have sex, people who doesn’t have sex, people who drink almost every day, people who don’t drink, previously worked for tedious day-jobs like a bus conductor, service crew, drivers, and one’s who had no experience working yet, people who passed board exams, people who failed, people who signed up for the army, people who think this is not worth it, and others who think it’s a dream come true to work for this industry. Point here is, even though all of these people exist here, differences aside, we work BAU. Business As Usual. Judging one another isn’t really much of a big deal. We’re here, we have goals and it’s up to you if you wanna talk about your drama or just shut the fuck up.

In some scenarios:

“hey, I was with this guy I met online last night.”

Normie reaction “Dapat mag-ingat ka sa mga ganyan, nako tigilan mo nga yang kakaganyan mo, maghanap ka nalang dito sa office okaya manlligaw sayo.”
Our reaction “so how was it? Kumeme nanaman kayo? Pun***** ka talaga hahahaha! Oi pero proteksyon a pakyu ka baka pagbalik mo dito may aida ka na kelan daw kayo magkkita uli? Patingin nga, ay gwashi beh, patry minsan hahahah”

My point is, unlike the other people, most of us here are open minded and doesn’t really stop you from making mistakes and pursuing your choices in life. Because that’s how you learn. BY MAKING MISTAKES. And I guess that’s the thing about other people, some of them will stop you from doing what you want. (Pakialamera, if you may)

I’m not generalizing that all of the day-job people are like this, but from what i’ve been hearing them say about us – “mga pokpok nasa call center”, “maaarte feeling mayaman”, “hindi kasi makakuha ng normal na trabaho kaya sa call center nalang” Tch. Hahahaha! Bet you’re saying that because you can’t even get hired in a call center yourself or can’t handle the pressure of a call. Hey, I’m not kidding, there are irate customers, customers that needs a lot of patience, CUSTOMERS THAT DONT SPEAK ENGLISH AND NEEDS A TRANSLATOR, racist customers, customers that will drop the call on you and many more. It’s not easy. But unlike you day-job people, we don’t bring the work at home. It stays there. There are no deadlines because we process realtime.

Let me go back to the meaning of Toxic – something that makes the workplace difficult to deal with. For people who’ve actually been in the CC industry long enough, Toxic is when it’s too hard to meet the expectations of your supervisors and they embarrass you for it. Or that the place is full of people who judge you and talk about you behind your back and you cant take it because it’s too much for your personal ego even though you know to yourself that you do it anyway. And for people who haven’t been in one, it’s because they say that if you enter the CC industry you’ll learn a lot of things normies don’t do and it’s culturally shocking. Either way, everything is toxic if you ask me. Your day-job is toxic as well, experiencing traffic jams, your boss screaming at you because of you not meeting the deadline. Everything is hard if you don’t match with the type of work you can deal with.

I’m proud that I work for this industry, it gives me the right to say that “without me you’re helpless”. Not all agents are like me though. There are people in here that hate the job too, but it gives a high pay so they’re just trying to live with it.

This may not have changed the way you think about call center agents, but guess what? We don’t give a flying fuck. ūüôā

Mt. Tapulao – the Slippery, Wet and Wild experience


Okay! let’s start off with this! Hi! I’m Miah, and this is my first time trekking! Some of you might be surprised – “oi major hike yan ah! bakit yan agad inaakyat mo?”¬†Not that I’m bragging… psh (LOL! I AM! TANGINA INAKYAT KO YAN!)¬†I like challenge, boi! hahaha nah, it just so happened that I wanted to join the hike and this was the plan my officemates originally set up.

Supposedly we’re 9, but unfortunately the others didn’t push through because of other errands/events that they’ll attend to (mga traydor! dapat dinanas nyo din hirap namen huhu ūüė• hahaha joke lang!). So it’s just Me, Daddy Jesh, Kuya Dale and Kuya Nate.

The Kuya Nate and me had a shift that night and we went on VTO at around 3AM to meet up with Kuya Daleh who waited for us outside of the office. I actually went out at around 3:30 AM because I had things to do that wasn’t done yet, not to mention that my asthma is what caused me more delay (not to worry though, asthma only gets triggered when I’m stressed, not when I’m physically tired – weird right?). I went outside and¬†got us 3 a Grabcar. Daddy Jesh was already waiting for us at the Victory Liner Pasay (nalito nga ako kung bakit dumaan sa edsa, yung sa pasay pala hindi sa buendia hahahaha may mga sakayan din kasi ng bus dun diba?! not my frickin fault!)

Waiting for bus going to Zambales



Party Drugs = Diatabs



Unfortunately, there were no buses going to Iba, Zambales that time – so what we did was we rode a bus going to Olongapo and then at that terminal, we rode a bus going to Iba. We arrived at Victory Liner Iba, Zambales and infront of that terminal was a karinderya where we ate Sisig and Binagoongan for lunch. MAN, THEIR SISIG WAS GOOD!¬†But just to be safe we drank this¬†party drug trekkers take called “Diatabs” for us not to shit ourselves during the climb.¬†Also¬†that karinderya¬†had pretty cats too! During the time we were eating, this one trike driver kept bothering Daddy Jesh so Dad told him off, “sasakay kami ng jeep” – edi pinanindigan yung pagsakay ng jeep hahaha! We rode a Jeep going to Baranggay Salaza and from there, rode a trike going to the jump off.

When we arrived at the registration, we signed up, waited for our guide, then went off.

Entrance to Jump Off





Let me tell you! Km 1-3 was shit! It was 1:30pm when we started walking! It was fiery HOT, the sun was not very friendly with us. We had to stop for like every 20meters because the sun had no chill! And the ROCKS ARE FUCKING EVERYWHERE! YOU CAN’T NOT STEP ON ONE! Good thing though, at km 4 – the rode was already slightly muddy, but atleast plain. It took us atleast 3 hours before we reached km 5. At km 5, or atleast almost 5 there’s a mini sari-sari store wherein you can buy snacks, drinks, smoke? And you’ll meet very friendly and licey doggos! I made a friend there, his name is Eron. (salamat sa kutsilyo mo Eron, naslice ni ate yung lemon)

Entrance to Jump Off





Faraway look by Daddy Jesh and Kuya Daleh



After mixing the freshly hand-squeezed lemon and 5 spoons of sugar, we headed on to, guess what?! MORE FUCKING WALKING! ON THE FUCKING ROAD WHERE THERE IS NOTHING BUT ROCKS AND SLIPPERY ORANGE MUD.

Km 6 is the next water source and let me tell you hun, water is not the problem here! We are very hydrated. Thing is that, our butts carry the major load since there’s a strap at the waist, climbing up was a chore. When we arrived at the water source, we rested a bit longer than usual. Our guide had to get us water so we just chilled for a bit.

We then realized that time, we can already feel the cool breeze of the mountain. We had to wear a poncho at km 7 because it was starting to pour – a bit. Km 8 to 10 passed by quickly since the sun was already setting and we’re already quite far up – temperature is no longer an issue.







At the 11th mark, we started to feel the after-effects of the hike. Hunger, sleep deprivation, tired legs, back ache and more complaints. TANG INA, I went on hype mode!dirediretso lang ako ng lakad, but I didn’t walk too far off because it was already dark, I made sure that I can still see them when I walked ahead. It was also too dark for me to take pics and videos so on my vlog km 12-16 had no footage.

When we arrived at the camp, Kuya Nate was not aware that we were supposed to turn right. We were setting up the tent and when the tent was already prepared I IMMEDIATELY WENT IN KASI TANG INA ANLAMIG KAYA! GAGO NGATOG TUHOD KO, FEELING KO HIHIKAIN AKO SA LAMIG! Inside the tent we were all worried about kuya Nate, we had our guide look for him and when the guide didn’t come back we figured that he already helped Kuya Nate setup camp. The three of us – me, Daddy Jesh and Kuya Daleh decided that we should call it a day, we ate our dinner which is JUST LITERALLY PORK STEAK. WE CANT FUCKING COMPLAIN! SIGE TANGINA IKAW MAGLUTO NG KANIN YUNG HANGIN AT ULAN SA LABAS KALA MO NIYAYAKAP KA NI KAMATAYAN!

We agreed that we’d sleep in sardines formation. So the position was kuya dale on my right, daddy jesh on my left, we were comfortable – at first! Then I felt a cold moist¬†at my back and when I stood up, half of my back was wet with cold rain water that made its way under the tent. After a while of contemplating whether or not it would be comfortable sleeping lying down on a cold, moist ground and the only thing separating the ground from your body is your mere shirt vs. Sitting down on a fetus position covered with a warm blanket. I decided¬†to just be a fetus. Hahaha! Kuya Daleh woke up and found me in that position and since he was worried he kept insisting that I lay down so that my feet can rest. I did try though, ANGHIRAP BESH! GAGO YOKO MATULOG NG BASA KATAWAN KO, NANGINGINIG NA NGA AKO SA LAMIG EH, MAY PASOK PA KO BUKAS OI! YOKO MAGKASAKIT.

I did get some rest, around 3-4 hours was already good. I woke up because it smelled like Man-Fart and Man-Feet. I was trying to figure out whether it was Daddy Jesh or kuya Daleh who farted. It was Daddy Jesh. (TANGINA TL, AMOY KALAYAAN!) We started cooking breakfast and we tried to check up on kuya Nate, luckily there’s atleast 2 bars of Globe signal there so we were able to chat him up. He was up! and he asked us where were we. After a while, it was finally okay for us to go out and we took photos and videos of KM 16.



Our guide: Kuya Richie




Bakit baliktad?


Luh baliktad parin



(Kuya Daleh was cooking for us and watching over the tent¬†so I don’t really have much photos with him)

At around 10:30am we decided to head back, it started pouring again which didn’t really help, especially kuya Daleh since he was the one packing up the tent. All of our stuff got heavier because of the rain water absorbed by most of our stuff.

If you think that climbing up the 16 km mark was the hard part, think again! Going down is even harder! you can feel the strain on your ankles and knees because you have to support your weight plus the one you’re carrying. Damn, it was even more hell than climbing up. I fell! 3 fucking times! 1 was caught on video!

Though going down, since it was already dark from the 12km-16 I didn’t get much footage of it and let me tell you, it’s beautiful.



Kuya Daleh’s Photoshoot






Di pa talaga kami pagod XD




Kuya Daleh was just ahead of me a couple meters, because daddy Jesh went berserk and just kept walking. (NAGING IDOL KO SI TL TANGINA AKO BASAG BASAG NA TUHOD KO SYA PUTAH BIGAT NG BITBIT NYA KERI PARIN EH)



Feeling Inked


Ihaw yourselfie

They took a bath, I bought a shirt, ate ihaw ihaw,¬†then we went on home. It was a fulfilling experience for me. This Bonding with Daddy, Kuya Daleh and Kuya Nate is something I wouldn’t forget. As for Mount Tapulao, HUMANDA KANG BUNDOK KA, BABALIKAN KITA! JUST FUCKING WAIT!


KM 0 mark



So that’s for the experience, as for those who wants to know how much we spent/how to get there/what to bring and all dem shits~ here you go:

Things you should know about Mt. Tapulao

  1. It’s located in Palauig, Zambales
  2. It’s height is 2037 Meters Above Sea Level
  3. There are marks every 2 kms
  4. It’s 18kms to summit (we didn’t proceed to summit btw due to bad weather and blood sucking parasites along the trail going to 18 km mark)
  5. It’s a bad idea to go there on a rainy weather
  6. The place is 85% rocky and 15% slippery, either way, both of it is hell

What to bring

Since I’m a newb I mostly relied on what they told me to bring, but I was majorly underpacked. I’ll list down the things they told me to bring and the things I wish I had brought.

Things they told me to bring:

  • Backpack with straps for the chest and waist (the straps are essential because when climbing up or going down we’re trying to avoid too much swaying that can cause imbalance and since the trek consists of 85% rocky path and 15% slippery Mud, you’ll need to watch your balance)
  • Trail Shoes/Sandals (or atleast shoes that you believe in, the shoes I was wearing were my adidas running shoes, some told me they weren’t fit for mt. Tapulao, and yes I did trip and fell but I guess that’s my own fault, pero TANGINA HIRAP NYA NA LINISIN NGAYON!)
  • Scarf/Headgear (because it’s gonna be hot and direct sunlight will hit your neck and at the higher parts it’s gonna be cold af so you need something to warm your neck and ears
  • Tent (make sure that your tent can handle storms as well, fuck the time we went there it’s as if there was a fucking blizzard)
  • Trail Food (I bought jelly ace and Flat Tops, shet the chocolate was good! and also fruits! I bought Lemon for my water and Apples to pass hunger)
  • Poncho (It is a bit rainy there, it can help ease your body against¬†the cold winds as well)
  • Comfortable Clothes (Wear your gym clothes, preferably the ones with sleeves or your rash guard)
  • Medical Kit (you should know what to put in that, the place is rocky and slippery, so accidents like hitting your head and having a bloody knee is possible, be prepared)

Things I should have brought:

  • Plastic Bags (for dirty clothes and trash and wet stuff)
  • Extra Clothes and Toiletries¬†(dude di ako prepared, kala ko talaga matatapos yung hike ng mga umaga so kala ko uwi naming sunday morning, fahk, I got home Monday morning ng amoy taong bundok!)
  • More Money (sabi kasi nila less than 1 k lang, asa naman ako, dami nga nagbackout eh)
  • Knee support/Walking Stick (The walking stick is an investment, helps you to determine if the ground you’ll be stepping on would break, is slippery or steady. Also supports some of your weight while going down)
  • Rope (incase I wanted to just kill myself than facing the torture this fucking mountain has to offer, kidding, for extra luggage you can just tie it around the bag)
  • Cobra (Energy Drink, lol wala lang drugs ko yun eh)
  • Extra Packed Lunch with Rice or Atleast Pasta (IDK if you get hungry and shits)
  • Make-up kit (pang awra, charot hahahaha! joke lang)

That’s about everything I can think of.

And here are the expenses I spent:


  • Half Kilo of Rice = P ¬†28
  • Trail Foods (flattops and jelly ace)¬†= P 100
  • Pancit Canton 4 pcs¬†= P 52
  • Apples 3pcs = P 60
  • Lemon 2 pcs = P 50


OTW to Jump Off

  • Grabcar from Magallanes to Victory Liner Pasay = P 100
  • Bus from Pasay to Olongapo = P 250
  • Bus from Olongapo to Iba = P 139
  • Jeep from Iba to Brgy. Salaza = P 20
  • Trike from Brgy. Salaza to Jump Off = P 125 (250/2)

OTW home

  • Trike from Jump Off to Iba = P 225 (450/2)
  • Bus from Iba to Olongapo = P 139
  • Bus from Olongapo to Pasay = P 250 (Last Ride is 9:00 pm)


  • Mountain Guide = P 1000
  • Porter Guide = P 1500
  • Makikiligo sa ibang bahay = P 25
  • Tshirt Souvenir = P 250/shirt
  • Bag¬†Tag Souvenir = P 50
  • Slippers = P 75

If you have any other questions about our trip you can message me via my facebook page, link is near the profile icon or you can comment here. Thanks!