​Cosplay – Improve and Support

Because of the colour of my hair, the anime fandom shirts I wear and my expressions like “nani” or “arigatou” I get often asked – “are you an otaku?

Yes my friend, yes I am. (cringe) Fam, first off, as an enthusiast, being called a lowlife without any particular social relationship except your dating simulators and being a neet who does nothing but watch anime all day is not a good description. An otaku’s meaning became so diverse that in this country we consider it as just someone who watches and is a fan of anime. So I guess, yeah, okay. Idk. Whatever. That’s not the point of my blog.

Point here is being an anime ENTHUSIAST, you become part of those people who also support the cosplay community. The portrayal of the characters you so Idolize in events, photoshoots or just simple get togethers. 

Cosplaying is a hobby. I cant really describe the joy it gives because a cosplayer varies depending on how it makes them happy. For me, as a cosplayer I get to interact with other cosplayers like for example, I’m cosplaying a character from a dating sim and I see a cosplayer cosplaying another character from the same dating sim and we get to do daring poses or just interact and talk about our thoughts on the dating sim. Or! What’s more fun is when you fangirl over someother anime character while you’re wearing a different character from a different anime, it’s like a crossover! That’s for me. For others though, their happiness varies upon the likes they receive, how many people took photos of them or with them, stuff like that. I don’t judge. It’s a hobby and it takes your mind off stress, that’s it. 

What made me very happy the last time I did cosplay was because I was able to fulfill my dream of cosplaying as a group.

I became a die hard fan of Gintama in the middle of my college days thanks to my college friend Marylette Estacio (she’s a closet anime fan and she sings good too). I decided to cosplay Hijikata Toushiro or the Demon Vice President of the Shinsengumi army in girl version since he’s a guy or as we call it in the coscommunity Genderbending. 

But I didn’t start out this good. Trust me, these photos are actually much better than the previous ones I had. I am not good at cosplaying. When I started, my projection is bad, make up is terrible, costumes and wigs are low quality and damn my skintone is so fucking dark I cant even. 

Let me give you an example. 

This is my very first cosplay. Kagamine Rin is a Vocaloid and I cosplayed the Meltdown Version of her. Meltdown is one of her songs and it’s my favorite that’s why I decided that she’s gonna be my first character. 

So what can you say? Bad editing? Or just BAD EVERYTHING. RIGHT?! I KNOW?! PANGET KO HAHAHA XD 

My cosplay improved after a couple months because I discovered eyelash extensions and blush ons. Check it!

This time I cosplayed Charlotte Dunois of Infinite Stratos. It’s a robot themed anime where only girls can control the robots. Cool huh? Okay, so yeah, I can say that a lot has improved with this cosplay so I continued. My cousin wanted to try cosplaying as well, however we argued a lot before coming to a decision. I didn’t want her to cosplay a character she doesn’t even know, what if she cosplays kirino from oreimo and someone from a convention asks her about that one episode? What will she answer? For fuck’s sake she’s not even an anime fan!

So we decided to cosplay Mario and Luigi, it turned out okay I guess?

A lot of conventions followed through after that. And then there was this one time where my school hosted a cosplay competition! My friends were so hype about this and they wanted me to join. So I did. 

The very awkward swordsman! Ha!

It was a costume I borrowed from one of my bestfriends. Jan Alcaraz this is him: 

As you can see he’s wearing the same thing hahahaha!

Anyway, the contest was for the entire school so I lost to a kawaii gradeschooler. I only got 5th place out of, well I forgot how many we were, if you’re eager to know, count. Hahahaha. The photo I posted was only the college division. There was a highschool and grade school division as well. (so i’m not really bragging that I got 5th place out of probably 30+ contestants?) 

We also had school events, I was a member of the Kyoushigen Letran where members are japanese enthusiasts, we hold forums, seminars and stuff like that about not just anime but the japanese culture as well.

I cosplayed Nyaruko on one event our organization held. I forgot what it’s called – but it’s like a mini convention.

Cosplaying has it’s perks, I paused after a while when I stopped studying in Letran. I decided that when I get back to the coscomm i’ll be better with makeup.

I practiced, and practice is hard when you don’t have the tools! Luckily! I have a friend who lets me borrow her set. Check it:

The brush sets are hers but most of the pallettes were mine. Everytime I had a convention, some cosplayers would request to have their make up made by me. 

Thanks to them I got practice. The output of my make ups are okay I guess?

I did more but these are the only ones I could find. 

So I tried them on myself. Makeup, I mean. And I gues it turned out good.

Also I practiced on Facepainting, here’ el diablo from suicide squad genderbend again 🙂

And. Yeah, as of now. I am not that active in the cos community but I am planning to go on conventions these coming months. 
And thanks to the ever supportive community of cosplay for supporting me on my Vlog/Blog/Page Admin career? Lol They made Fansigns for meeeee! How sweet!

I love you guys so much! Thanks a lot! See you real soon! 

If you’re just starting with cosplay or deciding to pursue cosplaying, let me tell you boi, it ain’t gonna be cheap, there are a lot of bashers now than before and in events you are very limited to specific mall locations only. However, it’s going to be fun, you’ll meet new friends, there will be people who will support and help you out and YES YOUR FANDOMS AND CANONS WILL COME TRUE! So I suggest you go for it!

If you have questions about the coscomm or my cosplays you can message me via fb.com/notyoursbruh or tweet me @mytweetsnotyers on twitter.


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