SX Blog Series – 0 The Prologue

Hey people of earth! I’ll be starting a Blog Series called SX or Social eXperiment Series wherein I’ll be blogging about the things I want to or am experimenting with, socially. Meaning, I’ll be disturbing your normal quiet lives in order for my social experiment to push through.

There are a lot of things I have already tried and would like to try out so hopefully this becomes one of the successful series in my Blog and I do wish I get to Vlog some of the concepts as well.

All of the SX Blog Series will be entitled with this tag for people to know it’s part of the series and hopefully you’re excited with this as much as I am. I already have a line up of all the social experiments i’ll be trying out and I’ll be posting it here with the tag once i’m done.
Peace out!

P.s. if you have suggestions for social experiments you want me to write/vlog about you can message me on my page or comment below. 🙂


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